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This programme is intended for the chief officers of enterprises and organizations, lawyers, engineers and other professionals participating in the construction projects based on FIDIC model forms where the consulting engineer is a party to such projects.

The workshop objective:

  • to provide insight of the attendees into the main obligations of the consulting engineer as well as to describe the operations and procedures, which are essential for a chief officer or other authorized person in order to communicate with the consulting engineer on the basis of the Agreement with the Consulting Engineer developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC);
  • to reveal certain problems and pitfalls arising in the course of entering into and operating under such agreements;
  • to review practical issues, which enable to increase flexibility and effectiveness of the Employer's and Contractor's representatives' communication with the consulting engineer.

The workshop scope:

  • to advise the attendees on abbreviations and concepts being used during the execution and implementation of the contracts based on FIDIC White Book;
  • to provide overall insight into the matters concerning the execution of the agreement with the consulting engineer based on FIDIC White Book;
  • to inform the attendees of the risks arising out of the execution of FIDIC White Book based contracts;
  • o provide details concerning the distribution of responsibility;
  • to develop the attendees' skills in the field of effective execution of FIDIC White Book based agreement with the consulting engineer.

Follwing this workshop the attendees will be able:

  • to shape the modern vision of the matters connected with the co-operation with the independent consulting engineer for the implementation of construction projects;
  • to understand the methods of reliable and legally valid approach to the FIDIC White Book based contracts;
  • to acquire the main techniques of preparation and execution of the contracts by way of case studies and independent work.

Form of training:

Informative, including the attendees' case study, the development of the texts of the contracts, the expert appraisal of the contracts submitted by the attendees (such contracts must be given not later than 3 days prior to the workshop in electronic form).

The fees include the handouts (both printed and electronic), coffee breaks and lunches.

Following the workshop each attendee will obtain the Certificate of Participation.

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