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FIDIC Silver Book

Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects

This training module is based on the analysis of the provisions of FIDIC Silver Book as the latter is the most common while certain construction projects form part of larger commercial projects or if any financial or other failures, which have arisen in the course of such construction project are likely to affect the whole commercial project.

This workshop is intended for companies' executives, lawyers and experts who make decisions as to the development, execution and appraisal of contracts.

Workshop goals:

  • to advise the attendees of the particularities of work under FIDIC Silver Book;
  • to inform about main processes and procedures that are necessary during the preparation and further entering into FIDIC Silver Book based contracts for construction;
  • to inform about issues and pitfalls, which arise in the territory of Russia during the signing and execution of the above contracts;
  • to review matters and case studies, which enable to increase reliability and economic efficiency of a project notwithstanding the adverse conditions.

Training method:

Informative. Case studies include the attendees' cases; we shall review the matters concerning practices of contract design and the appraisal of contracts submitted by the attendees (such contracts must be emailed to us not later than 3 days prior to commencement).

Learning materials:

The attendees will receive handouts and the CD with FIDIC Contracts clause-by-clause commentaries. The Certificate confirming the participation in our training programme will be issued.

The duration of this workshop is 16 hrs. (2 days, 8 hours each day 10:00am - 6:00pm).

The workshop fees include handouts, coffee and lunch breaks.

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