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FIDIC in Russian Magazine

FIDIC in Russian Magazine

FIDIC in Russian #1, 2010

FIDIC in Russian Magazine

  • FIDIC Membership Overview
  • FIDIC Member Associations Using Russian Language
  • Commentary on FIDIC New Red Book 2006 (Benchmarking and Structural/Logical Schemes Included) (First Release) by Konstantin Trumpel
  • FIDIC Workshops in 2010: The Use of FIDIC Model Forms
  • Particularities of Road Building Engineering Support in Russia Today by A. Smirnov
  • Contradictions Arisen From the Use of FIDIC Model Based Contracts or.. a Cheapskate Pays Twice by Elena Bezmenova
  • Questions and Answers
  • Parties' Conflicts: Does an Engineer Have Right to Resolve a Dispute?
  • FIDIC International Events in September - December 2010

Coming Soon
Issue #2, 2010

  • Commentary on FIDIC New Red Book 2006 (Benchmarking and Structural/Logical Schemes Included) (First Release) by Konstantin Trumpel. Next Articles: 1.2. Comparison of FIDIC Model Forms with Generally Accepted Contract Agreements in Russia and CIS Countries; 1.2.1. General comparison as to systems of law and procedures
  • Dispute Board: How to Choose
  • Roadbuilding Engineering and Design Supervision Under FIDIC Conditions by A. Smirnov
  • FIDIC Projects in Use. Case Study
  • Get Acquainted: National Member Associations
  • Per Aspera ad Results or FIDIC Contracts Project Team Management by S.Vaskovskaya
  • Other Articles

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